Cogeneration & industry

Approximately one quarter of Danish gas consumption is for cogeneration of heat and power. Cogeneration is installed at central power plants, at many decentralised plants, in industry and at institutions such as schools sports centres etc. 
DGC’s mission includes optimization of the use of natural gas for cogeneration through measurements, analyses, information and consultancy. DGC has followed the development of Denmark’s CHP sector from the start and is the company that has carried out most measurements on Danish gas-fired CHP plants. 
DGC’s experience ranges all the way from micro-cogeneration to large plants – both gas engine based and gas turbine based. DGC has DANAK accreditation for environmental measurements in connection with the handing-over of plants, official approval and warranty matters. 
About 700 Danish companies use natural gas for processes and heating. DGC helps developing technical concepts for gas use in the industry on basis of simulation, laboratory tests, measurements and demonstration. DGC has experience and know-how within many industrial processes such as drying, cooling, liquid heating and heat treatment.
DGC offers:
  • Accredited (and non-accredited) performance and emission measurements
  • Consultancy on concepts, engine types, heat storage, etc.
  • Dispersion calculations and chimney sizing
  • Impartial, expert consultancy in connection with accidents, breakdowns
  • Consultancy concerning gas quality and engine operation
  • Gas analysis (GC)
  • Methane number caculation/algorithm
  • Energy savings