Green gases & renewables

Green gases include biogas, gasification gas, hydrogen and synthetic natural gas (SNG). DGC is involved in aspects of production and utilisation of these gases and their injection into the natural gas grid.
Our scope of work involves biogas upgrading, metering, gas quality requirements and control, testing of appliances on biogas and other gases, standardisation and environmental/health issues.In a wider sense DGC works on how to combine natural gas and renewables allowing for a gradual transition to a greener energy system alongside the maturing of RE-technologies.
DGC has worked intensively with hydrogen and aspects of injecting hydrogen in the natural gas grid and the impact from hydrogen on pipeline materials. Also gasification is an important work field for DGC.
DGC offers:
  • Demonstration projects within biogas, gasification gas, hydrogen, etc.
  • Advice on the combination of gas and RE-technologies
  • Combustion and emission in connection with green gases
  • Process simulation and analyses