International Gas Union Research Conference

IGRC2011 in Seoul, attracted more than 500 participants and IGRC2008 in Paris attracted more than 800 participants. The International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC2014) will act as a technology forerunner for the succeeding IGU World Gas Conference - WGC2015 - that will take place in Paris, June 1-5, 2015. The conference is organised DGC on behalf of the Danish Gas Association who is the charter member of IGU. Peter I. Hinstrup is appointed IGRC2014 Conference Director.
The conference is governed by the IGU Executive Committee (IGU EXC) under the chairmanship of the IGU President. The conference technical programme is developed by the IGU Programme Committee F for Research, Development and Innovation (IGU PGC F) under the chairmanship of Jack Lewnard, Gas Technology Institute, USA,
Conference delegates will be gas technology executives, gas engineers and researchers as well as market professionals who understand that innovation and technology are essential for the future gas industry business model. Delegates will come from the global energy industry, research organisations, academia, government, international organisations, etc.  A total conference attendance of 750-1,000 from Europe and overseas is expected.
IGRC2014 will be held in the newly (2010) opened state-of-the-art Tivoli Congress Center (TCC), www.tivolicongresscenter.comTCC is located in the heart of Copenhagen within walking distance of the Tivoli Gardens, the Town Hall Square, the pedestrian shopping streets and the waterfront. TCC is designed by the world famous architect Kim Utzon.  

The conference programme and exhibition will  focus on all important aspects of the role of natural gas, other energy gases and the gas infrastructure in a future low carbon energy system.