DGC offers consulting services, development, calculations, measurements, laboratory testing, experiments, demonstration and training within energy and environment focusing on on all types of energy gases: natural gas, biogas, gasification gas, hydrogen and synthetic natural gas (SNG).
DGC operates on commercial terms, and its customers include gas companies, other utilities, authorities, industry, consultants, trade organisations, etc. in Denmark and elsewhere. DGC's staff comprises engineers, measuring and laboratory technicians and others trained in gas utilization and energy and combustion technology. 
DGC has many years' experience and expertise in solving practical combustion and firing problems in all sizes of installations from domestic boilers to industrial process plants and gas fired power plants. 
DGC's laboratory is fully equipped for adaptation, optimisation and testing of equipment. It has a DANAK accreditation for testing and measurement in connection with gas utilization.
DGC is Notified Body for the EU Gas Appliance Directive and the Boiler Directive.